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68" TopArchery Archery Right Handed Takedown Recurve Bow for Hunting Target


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Axiom+L SF TopArchery Takedown Modern Archery Recurve Bow
Brand: TopArchery
Bow length: 68"
Draw weight: 20/24/28/32lb
Laminated limbs from carbon fiber and fiberglass increases arrow speed
Limbs weight: 500g
Riser colors: Black/Silver/Orange
Riser weight: 1300g
Riser length: 25"
Right handed riser
Riser materials: aluminium magnesium alloy
CNC (Computer Numerical Control) materials riser
International compatible ILF riser makes it easier to upgrade your limbs in the future
Beautiful carving pattern
Wooden and anodized metal riser
Anodized aluminium surface riser
Anodizing technology increases the thickness of the surface, resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides better adhesion than bare metal does.

Package included:
1 riser, 1 pair of limbs and 1 bowstring.
The bow stand rack, stabilizer rods and other items are not included.

* The quality is comparable to higher priced metal riser recurves.
* The aluminum riser is well finished and the limbs match it perfectly.
* The grip is comfortable (no sharp edges cutting into the palm)
* The riser is cast and drilled for common accessories such as sight, stabilizer, arrow rest, etc.
* It's very easy to assemble, you can take down and fit into a small space.
* If you're in the market for a starter recurve, you may find Huntingdoor the better made bow and the better value package.

More Information
Brand TopArchery
Free Shipping Yes
Dexterity Right Hand
Bow Length 68"
Draw Weight 20/24/28/32lb
Color Orange
Materials Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fibers
Condition New
Delivery Time 7-35 business days
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