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EVA Foam Archery Target 50x50cm With 10pcs Paper Target Face


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Hone your archery skills like the pros and students do with Huntingdoor's Supreme Range Target.
* Extremely soft elastic and flexible EVA material has low-temperature toughness, stress-crack and UV radiation resistance extends the life of the target.
* More dense cell delivers unbelievable stopping power no matter which bow you use.
* The preferred training target for the Archery clubs, this commercial-grade Target is long lasting and brutally tough.
* Thickness: 2" per piece
* Stops arrows pretty good and also pull easily
* The target pins can be removed and inserted easily
* No need on cleaning your arrows a lot as it won't leaves a residue on them.
* Perfect for clubs who wants to use to build some outdoor target butts.
* Stacked and glue them together would work better for stopping
todays fast shooting bows.
* Don't waste time on such simple little things, order it and enjoy your shooting!

*Totally worth $10 free gifts: 10 pieces of 40*40 paper targets!

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Brand IRQ Archery
Free Shipping Yes
Color Black
Materials EVA
Condition New
Delivery Time 5-15 business days
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