12x 22" Carbon Crossbow Archery Arrows With 12x 100-grain Broadheads Arrowheads OD 8.8mm ID 7.6mm


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Arrow overall length: 22"
Arrow type: crossbow arrow
Arrow net weight: 27g
Arrowhead weight: 125 grains
Arrowhead type: replaceable screw-in arrowhead
Arrowhead size: 8-32 screw thread
Arrowhead color: silver
Broadhead color: red
Broadhead weight: 100 grains
Shaft material: mixed carbon
Shaft outer Diameter: 8.8mm
Shaft inner Diameter: 7.6mm
Shaft color: black
Fletching type: plastic vanes
Vane size: 4"
Vane shape: parabolic
Vane color: 2 red and 1 black
Nock color: black
Nock groove shape: crescent groove
Suitable for crossbows of less than 250 lbs

This package includes 12 crossbow arrows with field points and 12 broadheads.

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