Lin022 Drop Fall Away Archery Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Target Hunting


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Arrow rest type: drop/fall away arrow rest
Color: black
Net weight: 230g
Model number: Lin022
Vertical, horizontal and overdraw adjustments
Hold the arrow in place when drawing and steadying your aim
The flipper on the arrow rest falls away with the arrow's momentum after your release
Cause less friction with the arrow vanes and increase arrow velocity
Shoot off arrows quietly
Suitable for both bowhunting and target shooting

The typical static arrow rest is commonly used by target archers. The arrow can easily fall off the rest when shooting off. Compared to the static rest, the drop-away (fall-away rest) holds the arrow upright through the draw cycle, and then fall out of the way as the arrow leaves the bow. This makes it not impact the arrow flight, and the accuracy will be enhanced by the drop-away rest.

This package includes 1 arrow rest.