12x 31.5" Parabolic Natural Barred Feather Fletched Wood Archery Arrows with Target Points


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Arrow overall length: 80cm / 31.5"
Shaft outer diameter: 8.5mm
Shaft material: wood
Fletching: real 5-inch parabolic turkey feather
Arrowhead type: glue-on field point
Nock type: built in wood nock
Nock groove size: 3mm(width) x 7mm(depth)

Wooden arrows have been used for thousands of years. These wood arrows are handcrafted and fully finished. They have a touch of tradition and quality. They are unique in traditional looking. Each arrow comes pre-fletched with nock, nature barred feathers, and glue-on point installed. The feathers and nocks are tied off with silk thread. The overall length is approximately 31.5" from nock groove to the point end. Wooden arrows are less consistent than other modern materials, but the traditional feel and look of wooden arrows outweighs the negatives if the archers likes traditional styles.

This package includes 12 wood arrows.
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