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A must have!

These compact folding survival bows shoot amazing and can literally be stored in a quiver. I picked up both the 40 and 60 pound and can’t get enough of getting out and shooting. Outside of being very stylish and effective they are very affordable! Great gear!


Awesome bow shoots good. Haven’t had a problem. The only thing I will recommend is instructions on how to put it together.

Class act

Great solid product I received. Grandson will love it for Christmas. Brian was a peach...........every time I wrote him, he was very professional and answered my question(s) I will buy from this company again

12x 31" Turkey Feather Carbon Fiber Arrows Archery Fletched Arrows for Recurve/Compound Traditional Bow

Very happy

So happy with the bow, arrows and service I ordered a lighter bow for my wife.

Quality and Service

Good quality for the money. The company kept me up to date letting me know where my items were in the process and was responsive to email. Would buy again from them.

12X 20" Carbon Crossbow Bolts Arrows with 4" Vanes Replaced Arrowhead Tip with 6pcs 100grain Hunting Broadheads

Crossbow bolts

Bolts appear straight and the ones I shot were accurate. Great price for them. Only downside I would have is length of time between order and delivery. If you need them fast this isn't for you. Fine for me I just needed extra practice bolts. Very good for value price and product.

Shoot true

Was as advertised
No issues with them in
A 430 fps cross bow.

Birthday bow & arrow

Grandson loves it!

40 lb folding bow

I was really impressed with not only the bow, but the customer service. Brian was incredibly helpful and gave me videos with any questions I had to supplement what he explained. He communicated throughout the whole shipping process too and gave me updates on everything. As for the bow it works perfectly and is a very nice way to be able to pack a bow anywhere you go with a small amount of time setting everything up. I love that it's a couple twists to open it, string it, and you're ready to go. Overall very happy with my purchase. Thank you!!

Excellent Bow

My bow arrived quickly and so far has been a blast to use! The customer service is top notch to boot.

Great Product

Very happy to get these for my boys. Ones a lefty and one is right handed so it's great to have an affordable product we can teach them both with!

22 in Crossbow Bolts

These guys are the best online merchants I have ever experienced. Their customer service is second to none. The product was not only the most inexpensive I could find, but was just as good or better than the higher priced items I've purchased before.


Shipping was pretty quick for an international order. The bow's box arrived torn, but there wasn't any visible or impactful damage. I got the string on pretty easily and have shot it several times. This part is likely just me where I don't have a whole lot of experience, but I believe that the vinyl fins on the arrows are pulling my shots to the right. The accessories are nice, I seated the arm guard a little low and paid the price. The thumb guard has yet to fail me. I haven't routinely used any of the other accessories. Looking forward to improving and enjoying this bow.

Good experience

Everything was delivered on time and all items were just as advertised

Extremely Pleased

That quality you get for the money is excellent! I was pleasantly surprised at the power and accuracy of the bow. All of the accessories support several different styles of shooting (I still don't have the hang of the Asian-style thumb shooting).

Surprisingly good

I was hesitant to buy when I saw it was a Chinese company, but the quality of everything is actually really good.

Love it

First off, I love the bow! It's super sleek, it looks so nice and fires super well. I love the sound of it without the silencers, it's very snappy. I will say though that the decorative rope stuff is a little loose but nothing has come undone or gotten in the way. My biggest complaint though is the the quiver and bow holder aren't brown leather like the other accessories! Over all though, very much worth the money, I'm so happy with it.

Great!! Exceeded Expectations.

I quickly and accurately received what I ordered. The bolts and arrowheads are very good quality. I waited a while to review them so I could test them. They fly true and bust 1/2 inch cedar board without dulling or chipping. I'll order again.

Archery 32" Carbon Arrows with Arrows Quiver for Compound & Recurve Bow Practice Hunting