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Craftsmanship Isn't Good

Materials seem to be good, but craftsmanship isn't all that good. The stitching started to come undone after about ten shots.

Great service and a nice bow

Bow looks better than I thought it would based on the stain. Service was great through the whole ordering process. Can't wait to get out and start practicing.

New to archery

Enjoying the challenge of archery, this bow is better than my skill level

12x 20 22 Inch Archery Carbon Crossbow Bolts Arrows and 12x Broadheads Set 4" Vane Replaced Arrowhead for Hunting Outdoor Practice

Qing Heseri 2 pice takedown bow

Strong effective bow . Snaps together simply at 2 pieces with up to 50 pound draw weight. More beautiful in person than I expected : I got otter fur silencers for the bow string and it looks even better. Snappy fast shooting strong effective bow .

Helpful and knowledgeable

Had question about length of arrows and about heads responce was quick and efficient with unsolicited follow up and shipment arrived on time and exactly as shown will order again .

Broken bow string

Its a good little bow, really enjoyed shooting it but I feel like the bow string they give you is cheap string and should not have broke on the second day of using it. It is only the string that failed, the bow came to me in good shape and nothing wrong with the bow. If you get the 70 pound version like I did recommend getting a better bow string.

Hi Bobby,

Thank you for your feedback with the pictures! We appreciate it.

Could you please take a few pictures of the string groove on the bow end?
Is the cutting too sharp? Could you please smooth the sharp part?
Usually the bowstring should not get broken so quickly.

Please take a few pictures. A short video of the string groove would be better.
Please email us the pictures and the video at

Anyways, we will send a replacement string.

Thank you so much!
Brian C.

So far, so good.

I haven't shot the bow just yet. I'm a beginner, but after doing a lot of research on what I should be looking for in a solid bow and arrows, I can say that this bow and the arrows are very solid, especially at this price point. I love the weight of it, and the arrows are sharp! The quiver is great quality, and the kit comes with literally everything you need as a beginner.

As for customer service, it's been great so far! They didn't have to email me personal updates on the shipment, but they did. You don't get that with anybody else, as far as I know.

Bow and Customer service trough email is on point

Highly recommend this company super pro and legit thanks guys gonna order much more!

2-Blade Screw-In Broadheads

Discoloration on Riser

QC on their the risers for this bow are worse than expected; straight out of the package, I was shipped a riser that had scuff marks as well as paint/dye bleeding. I have not tried the bow yet (and I may make an edit to this review later to include that information), but first impressions are not too good.

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for your feedback with the picture! We appreciate it.

Yes, we noticed the discoloration of the riser, and our bowyers have corrected this issue in the new batch of products. We apologize for that this time.

Regarding the scuff marks, they should be generated during shipping. We will report this issue to local shipping company and warehouse for future improvements.

Thank you again for your feedback!
Brian C.

Good Buy

These arrowheads drastically changed the flight of my arrows for the better. Good product for a good price.

Great customer service and great bow!

I made a dumb mistake with my order and sent it to the wrong email, but they helped me out and made sure I could notify my neighbor when the bow came! Arrived promptly even with holiday shipping.

It's also absolutely gorgeous and shoots wonderfully, and it comes together quite easily. Included a felt rug for the shelf and a little nut for the nock (I don't think those were listed on the contents, but a nice surprise) and the videos on how to string it are quite helpful. Very smooth draw despite the weight and all around very fun to shoot.

46" TopArchery Traditional Archery Recurve Horse Bow Laminated For Hunting Practice 25-50lbs

Toparhery bow review

Seems to be a nice bow. Haven't had a chance to try it out

High quality and fast shipping

My second purchase from Huntingdoor. Same fast shipping with convenient tracking info, and same high quality product! This will be my first try to build arrows from components myself.

Great store great service great product!

The Arrows are awesome. Thank you guys again. A++

Good experience!

Ordered starter kit and target. Was surprised when shipping was China and no shipping info was on the target. Emailed to cancel target they emailed back pretty quickly but the target and half the order (bag, quiver and arrows) had already arrived! Bow and accessories came fairly quickly also. China tracking was good. Think they flew in to New York. Would have been nice to get some written instructions and descriptions. Didnt realize string was just for shipping. Little cracking/cracking noise when stringing the bow. Shot 150 to 200 arrows so far and I'm happy.


Thanks for your feedback!

The cracking noise is from the connection part between the limb and the riser.
It is normal for the traditional bow. It will gone after some shoots.

Thank you again!
Brian C.

Excellent service

Tracking wasn't working on my end but after reaching out customer service was very helpful and continuously gave updates. Will definitely order from here again.

Great purchase

50” Mongolian Recurve

I’m not pleased. Less than 50 arrows shot with my #65 bow and it had a catastrophic failure.

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your feedback!

Could you please take some pictures of the bow, arrows and target?
A short video would be great.

Please email us the pictures and video at

Thank you so much!
Brian C.

Great birthday present

I got this for my sister and she loved and immediately came to buy arrows for it here, she said it pulled back nicely and is excited for her order to come in!